Crown Land Registry



Welcome to the web site for British Columbia Crown Land Registry within the Integrated Land Management Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands. Use the links below to find out more about the Crown Land Registry, or the links in the margins of this page to read more about our business.

The Registry Components

The 'Registry' consists of both attribute and spatial information. The online Registry is called 'Gator' and is available at this link: Tantalis Gator Home Page.

Online Cadastre

Online Cadastre is an online map viewing system that provides internet access to British Columbia Crown land cadastral information with a hyperlink from Online Cadastre to GATOR (please note the hyperlink to Tantalis GATOR from Online Cadastre is available for government of British Columbia employees only at this time). Online Cadastre is available at this link: Online Cadastre.

ILMB's mandate is to provide British Columbians with access to integrated Crown land and resource authorizations, planning dispositions and resource information services.